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Once again bitten by the writing bugI began to write a daily blurb on Facebook to try and generate a pittance of discipline, which I truly lack in my day-to-day life, not only where writing is concerned. I am, truth be told a bit of a flitter. I tend to flit from one new thing to another. You see, I love beginnings, figuring out how things work, and all the excitement that comes with that. It shows in all the varied hobbies I’ve taken up over the years, besides putting pen to paper. I will learn just enough to do it to the point I’m fairly comfortable then I flit off to begin something anew. That’s probably why I can crochet an Afghan but not a doily. I’ve painted 5 pictures, but like writing, I turned out the first piece—and even if I do say so—it was darn good. But with each one, the little voice of doubt intruded. Instead of it coming naturally, I began to force it and overwork and overthink it. 

I’m also good at one of these days I’m gonna and I will start only to sabotage myself. I am a tactile learner, hands-on for me is how I learn. If you want to teach me something, show me and I can pick it up most of the time. Setting and reading a book on how to simply frustrates me and that is why I found the books I would read to learn how to write would seem to stop rather than start the engine that could. I find if I trust my instincts, learn the basics, and do the deed I’m fine. It’s when I get in the way because I want to do it right the first time, I’m in trouble. 

So, here my friends I want you to keep my feet to the fire. I want you to ask me questions, share some of your stories and experiences, make it not just my blog, but ours. I can go on forever, I’ve got the gift of gab but if what I’m sharing is of no interest to you then I might as well be talking to the wall, and what’s the fun in that. 

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