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About Me

Hi, I’m Gayle Parish. I am an author.


It’s official, I’ve completed my first novel, To Keep Him Safe, and it’s on its way to publication. I am beyond excited, confused, relieved, astounded and feeling naked in front of the world. It’s a dream come true and after many years of getting in my own way this day is now officially here. Now I wonder why in the world I put so many roadblocks in my path to get to this point. But that I can’t undo, so here I am at the age of almost 80 about to publish my first, but hopefully not my last, novel. 

 You’re invited to join me on this, the next chapter of my life, where I will once more take on something new, a blog. The purpose will be to discuss and explore many things about, life, writing, and the road to this point. 

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